Friday, April 19, 2013

Netflix Instant TV and Movie Picks- Hope and Documentary Edition

It's been a tough week. Between the Boston Marathon bombings and the explosions in West, Texas, the news is one of the last things we want to watch. However, I know I can't tear myself away from the
TV when tragedy strikes. For the Netflix picks this week, I decided to find a few documentaries that bring some hope and maybe some inspiration to this crappy news week and to help with escaping a bit.

This film documents the the life of a former skin head who pledged 16 years of his life starting at the age of 14 to the racist organization. It's a story of personal redemption and the tribulations that come with trying to separate one's self from such an extreme lifestyle.

I vividly remember this series. I was in college and loved rooting against my roommate who was a die hard Yankees fan. I thought New York had the Red Sox swept, but a spark was lit under the Sox's butt and the comeback was astonishing. All of our thoughts have been in Boston since Monday, and this film is a great depiction of the heart this city has.

This was the Academy Award Documentary winner in 2012. It follows and down and out high school football team in Memphis. After years and years of losing seasons, a new coach comes in to turn this team around and the community that supports them. 

I hope some of these might lift your spirits this week and helps you take a break from the endless news. My cohort will be back next week with some equally awesome suggestions.

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