Friday, May 3, 2013

Netflix Instant TV and Movie Picks

It's a big weekend everyone. This is probably the first "official" weekend of the summer movie season. If trekking out to see IRON MAN 3 with the masses doesn't appeal to you, then here some films to watch that survived the great purge of Netflix titles that happened recently.

This film was not given its due last year. It ended up being one of my favorites and deserved every single award for animation. It's dark, funny, and smart. This is the type of "kid" movie that studios shouldn't be afraid to make.

Though it's not a perfect horror, found footage anthology, I ended up enjoying this film overall. The stories, individually, are entertaining even if the overall arc ends up being rather mediocre. The creative ways the filmmakers integrate the found footage aspect with each story is interesting. Also, do yourself a favor and don't watch any trailers because they are very spoilery.

Not sure if there is ever a time you would be in the mood for this documentary. It recounts the story of the Ward brothers who lived in a very rural community outside. One day, Will was found dead and a media storm swarmed on the small town. Eventually, Delbert is accused of killing Will, and the film documents two views of the brothers: locals who say the brothers were just simple folk and the city press who painted them as backwater hicks. It's a fascinating look at how lives can be turned upside down.

That's all for me this week! My cohort will be back next week with some amazing picks.

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