Friday, May 17, 2013

Netflix Instant: TV and Movie Picks

How's everyone? Hanging in there. May can definitely drag on and on, but thankfully some interesting Netflix picks to keep you going. Again, as always, my picks are very eclectic and very un-themed.


I had heard about the comic from a friend of mine, and he was raving about how great it was. Then, my cohort watched it recently and claimed it was one of his favorite movies of the year. Okay. I'm interested. Plus, the ending is supposedly right in the title!

Emile Hirsch is such a fantastic actor. Here he portrays Christopher McCandless, a young man who donated his college fund to travel in the Alaska wilderness. It's directed by Sean Penn and Hirsch becomes almost unrecognizable as McCandless during the later part of his travels. 

Has anyone ever heard of this story? Apparently, there was a lady who claimed to be a survivor of 9/11 from one of the towers, thus she was mentioned in media countless times. Turns out...she lied. She was never in the towers, and this documentary follows her "story". 

That's all for me this week. Javi will be next week with some awesome themed column.

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