Friday, May 31, 2013

Netflix Instant: TV and Movie Picks- Foreign Film Edition

So, are you Arrested Development-out yet? Maeby? Probably not. Now it's time to rewatch the series again! But if you need a break from the Getaway, Getaway and Faceblock, I have some foreign films for you to check out this weekend.

An honest look at a recovering addict as he is given a day pass from rehab to try and interview for a job. He wonders the city and encounters many people from his past. This film was the Norwegian submission to the Academy Awards in 2012 for Best Foreign Film. Ebert named this one of his favorite films of the year, so you know it must be great.

Not the most lighthearted of picks, but this was a film I remembering hearing about years ago that made it on many top ten lists of the year. It's about two friends who try to arrange an illegal abortion in communist Romania. Not the happiest of premises but I hear the acting is spectacular.

A delightful, absurdest comedy about a group of musicians who illegally go around and play/create instruments on various things in the city. Think of it as if the group STOMP went around to hospitals and restaurants performing impromptu mini concerts.  

That's all from me this week. My cohort will be back next week with something amazing. Also, his birthday will be the next day (June 8th), so be sure to send him some fun messages!

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