Friday, June 7, 2013

Netflix Instant: TV & Movie Picks - Javi's Birthday Edition

So my birfday is tomorrow, and since it's my turn to write the column, I'm just going to highlight some of my favorite movies on Netflix right meow with no real theme. Some I'm pretty sure have been highlighted here before, but they're still good!

This is a collection of 15 of short films of Chaplin's. He is one of my favorite actors, and directors and most comedic actors could learn a thing or two from him.

Terrifying movie. Simply terrifying.

Such a hilarious spoof of cop movies. It's one of the only comedies that is as funny now as it was when I was younger.

My mom used to think I was a weirdo for watching this as many times as I did back when it first came out. This is one of the only movies that I have triple dipped on (VHS, DVD, Blu).

The best animated feature of the last year.

Having just watched Keaton's WHAT! NO BEER?, I felt it was necessary to recommend this crazy short film. Most people will remember this movie for the dazzling special effect.

The last of the Showa Era Godzilla movies, it's also the last one directed by original GOJIRA director Ishiro Honda. I reviewed it for my Godzilla series here.

This trippy movie is also one of the best movies of 2013, directed by Dallas native Shane Carruth. 

Not a movie, but an amazing TV show that just started its fifth season. Only the first one is available on Netflix, but the others are pretty cheap here in Amazon here.

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