Friday, August 23, 2013

Netflix Instant: TV and Movie Picks - Drinking Edition!

It may still be hot and muggy outside, and nothing helps with that more than beer...delicious, delicious beer. We are big fans of said tasty beverage and regularly seek out rare and delicious beers in bars around town. To celebrate this amazing creation and to go along with THE WORLD'S END hitting theatres today, I have brought you an assortment of drinking movies. 


This black comedy follows two unemployed actors as they wait for their careers to take off. Of course it's easy to start drinking when you're faced with rejection over and over again. There's a drinking game that's not for the faint of liver that goes along with this film. It consists of keeping up drink for drink with each alcoholic substance Withnail drinks. I don't recommend that game unless you want to end up in the hospital.

There was a time when they took alcoholic drinks away from everyone!? Inconceivable. This highly acclaimed PBS series documents the passing of the 18th Amendment all the way to its appeal. And thank goodness for that. 

My cohort introduced this little gem of a film to me, and he's that much cooler for it. It's a funny satire film about the advertising industry. It stars David Allen Grier, Rip Torn, and Hot Lips herself, Loretta Swit. It's so fantastic we are able to stream this film. You won't regret it.

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