Wednesday, September 11, 2013

ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW Trailer Is My Childhood Self's Worst Nightmare

This is a total anomaly of a film. The directors managed to not only sneak in cameras in to the Greatest Place on Earth, but they were able to get enough footage to make a movie out of it. It screened at Sundance where it became infamous for this very reason, but a lot of people commented that it would never see a broader audience. Well, they were wrong and thankfully so. Thanks Trailer Addict, we have the first trailer for ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW ahead of its release. Check it out after the break.

Yeah, that was some freaky business! Having gone to Disney World a few times, it's amazing that I never saw the strangely eerie undertones of the park and how surreal it might be. The idea of taking beloved iconography and flipping it on its head is a worthy endeavor, in my opinion, so count me on board. While there's no official synopsis that I could find, but the story deals with a family trip that starts to go wrong as the father learns that he has lost his job and the parks start to mirror his deteriorating psyche.

ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW is directed by Randy Moore, it stars Roy Abramsohn, Elena Schuber, and Katelynn Rodriguez, it comes out October 11th in limited release in VOD.

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