Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Most Anticipated Fantastic Fest 2013 Films - Jonesy's Take

In two days, the genre nerds of the world will descend upon Austin to bask in the glow of film, booze, and general debauchery. It's a glorious time of year, and it always feels like coming home. I'm ready to be surprised and shocked by the films I will see and the discussions I will have. It's tough to narrow a list down only five films that I'm anticipating, but it is my duty. As always, these are the films I'm excited to see, but I'm even more excited about the films that I just wonder into.

You can check out my cohort's list here, and check out my films after the break.

JODOROWSKY'S DUNE (dir. Frank Pavich)
I've heard rumblings about this film coming from TIFF, and the premise sounds fascinating. This documentary tells the story of director Alejandro Jodorowsky and his failed attempt in adapting Dune to the big screen. Instead, production itself ended up influencing most beloved sci-fi movies we all cherish, like ALIEN. Plus, being a documentary...I have to see it!

A FIELD IN ENGLAND (dir. Ben Wheatley)
When I watched this trailer for the first time, I was so confused about what the film was about. Then when I read the Fantastic Fest description, I was even more confused. My gut tells me this will be a film that will be discussed over many pints after the first screening, and I cannot wait for that. 

I was blown away last year at the amount of documentaries the Fantastic Fest programmers programmed. So, I am expecting equally fantastic documentaries this year. ORGAN TRADE has peaked my interest. This film depicts the black market of organ transplants and is narrated by David Cronenberg.

AFFLICTED (dir. Clif Prowse, Derek Lee) 
Found footage?! I'm there! I'm a sucker for this genre for some reason, and the fact this film has been programmed for this year's festival makes me feel a little better about it.

WITCHING AND BITCHING (dir. Alex de la Iglesia)
After not completely falling in love the director Alex de la Iglesia's first film, THE LAST CIRCUS, I ended up seeing that film three times on the big screen. It's grown on me since, and de la Iglesia has such a flair for dramatics and style. And based on his direction alone, I am thoroughly fascinated and intrigued about this film.

Of course we will be continuing our coverage of all things Fantastic Fest through next week. Keep checking back here for reviews and news.

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