Friday, September 13, 2013

Netflix Instant: Movies & TV Picks - Fantastic Fest 2012 Edition

Next week is Fantastic Fest and in keeping tradition, here are some of the movies from last year's festival that are currently streaming. Look out for Jonesy and I's most anticipated movies early next week and check out our coverage of the festival as it happens. For now, check out these movies after the break.

This movie is so awesome and I'm glad that it's been finding new life on home video and on Netflix. At the time of  its release, it was decried as some sort of THE RAID rip off since they both have the same premise of the good guys having to reach the top of an apartment building to reach the big bad guy, in this case Lena Heady's Mama. Karl Urban is a great Judge Dredd that will erase any thoughts of Stallone's version and Olivia Thirlby's rookie Judge was one of my favorite parts of the movie.

This is a remake of the Nicola Winding Refn original. It deals with a drug dealer who borrows 48,000 pounds worth of cocaine with the promise to bring it back in full the next day. Things go wrong when he is forced to dump the cocaine after a police raid. I've heard some mixed things about it, but I definitely want to check it out. 

This is the sequel to THE COLLECTOR, it deals the titular killer coming back to torment a former victim that survived the first movie. 

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