Friday, October 18, 2013

Netflix Instant TV and Movie Picks: Drafthouse Films Edition!

Happy Friday everyone. Hopefully your October days have been filled with classic horror films galore, but if you're looking for something else different to watch this weekend, Drafthouse Films just plopped a few of their titles on Instant for all of us to enjoy.

A documentary about the a 70's punk band who never was able to make it to the big time when they were together, but have gained notoriety decades after recording their music. I've heard nothing but praise for this film, and even if you're not a music person (like me), the film is a fascinating look at the struggles of this group.

Quentin Dupieux is a very, bold director who isn't afraid to make an absurd film. We both loved his surreal feature, RUBBER, and now he's created another semi-existential film about a man who has lost his dog and is in denial about many parts of his life. It's definitely not for everyone, but if you're looking for something a little more thought provoking, check this one out.  

Drafthouse Films has a knack for finding not only obscure but brilliant American films, but outstanding foreign films that would have slipped under everyone's radar otherwise. This film is from the Philippians, and is a gripping thriller a father thrust into the midst trying to save his daughter, who was mistakenly kidnapped by men thinking she a politician's daughter. 

That's all for me this week!

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