Friday, November 29, 2013

Netflix Instant TV and Movie Picks: My Extended Family Edition

Hopefully all of you out there are pulling yourselves out of your tryptophan coma and are ready to settle back onto your couch and watch some movies before dragging yourself back to work on Monday. 

My picks this week all relate to my family in some way. When my extended family gets together, chaos normally ensues. In our household, three things are always topics of conversations: politics, sports, and funny stories. So, for my picks this week, I have a political-ish documentary, a sports documentary, and a comedy. 

This film is dense and very well made. It traces the story of Jullian Assange and his mission all the way back before the idea of Wikileaks even existed. I'd like to think this would be a fun film to watch with the family, and then have a lively discussion about whether Assange is in the right or wrong. 

If politics doesn't work, families can always bond over sports. College sports are notorious for rivalries that span over decades. Those are the games everyone watches, even if they don't follow either team. This 30 for 30 documents the infamous battle between Alabama and Auburn. Pick a team and let the battle begin!

But when all else fails, laughter can cure almost any family strife. And what better film that a classic by Eddie Murphy before he started making awful films like THE ADVENTURES OF PLUTO NASH and NORBIT. Obviously, put the kids to bed before streaming this one.

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