Friday, January 10, 2014

Netflix Instant TV and Movie Picks

I feel for our friends up north. I know when Texas iced over, it was not a pleasant experience, but I cannot imagine temperatures in the negatives. So, if you're cooped up all weekend, here are some titles for your enjoyment. And if you're lucky enough not to be freezing your butt off, play these while you take down the last of your holiday decorations. 

I'm so excited that more and more musicals are being filmed and becoming readily available to the masses. Not everyone can make it to NYC to see a Broadway musical, nor do all musicals make it to every major city. SHREK THE MUSICAL is quite charming and a fun for the family to watch. And unlike musicals that have been turned into movies, this features all of the original Broadway stars who can belt out their songs without any extra studio help.

I love when old secret documents finally get "de-classified" and filmmakers get their hands on them. This documentary is all archival footage taken by three of Nixon's top aides on Super 8 cameras. It's a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at his life and office and super cuts various other interviews and even secret White House recordings. 

No, I'm not recommending the Russel Crowe film. This is THE best version of Robin Hood out there..the Disney animated story from 1973. It's fiercely underrated because it didn't get released during the Disney Renaissance era, but it's such a fun film and the song "Oo De Lally" will be stuck in your head all day. "

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