Friday, February 7, 2014

Netflix Instant: Movie & TV Picks- XXL Edition

It's been a very chilly last few days in Dallas, and while the weekend will be warming up, I know there's quite a few of you taking refuge in your couch and due to my negligence, I didn't have a post last week. To make it up, we have a XXL edition of this column. Check out my pics below.

This one is a movie whose reputation might potential overshadow the actual film. Filmed and set for release back in 2006, it went through a ton of delays and was subsequently left on the shelves until it got a modest release. This is a very interesting look at the slasher genre, and it stars Amber Heard as this almost mythically highly unobtainable girl that everyone is trying to sleep with. While the movie feels like it's striving to comment on the slightly predatory mentality of high school guys as it pertains to sex, I'm not sure if it succeeds.

This is yet another fancy James Franco joint, this time adapting the seemingly "impossible to adapt" book by William Faulkner about a family on a two day trek to bury their matriarch. I'm not familiar with the book myself, but this is a James Franco movie and that makes me really interested. Unlike half of the Internet, I don't hate him for trying new things and sometimes messing. He's either reckless, brave, talented or all of the above, but he's a breath of fresh air.

Having just watched HANNIBAL, I'm a bit more open minded to seeing this PSYCHO prequel, plus it has the benefit of starring Vera Farmiga so I'm definitely on board. The reviews for this were a bit mixed at the beginning but got into some very positive territory as the season went on.

This is one of the growing number of Dreamworks Animated movies that people (including myself) dismiss due to the bad trailers. While I haven't still checked this one out, I have gotten many reliable reports that it's actually a way better movie than some of the recent Pixar effort. It stars the voices of Emma Stone, Ryan Reynold and Nicolas "The Cage" Cage and it's about a pre-historic family being forced out of their homes which forces them to explore the greater world.

This one seems to be a bit of a downer, but in my HANNIBAL obsession, I have to recommend a Mads Mikkelsen movie. Here he stars as a teacher whose wife just left him, he's a sad sack type who is wrongfully accused. It's an examination on the sociological implications of what this accusation can do to someone. 

Keanu is many things, but a good villain is not one of them. In this, he plays malevolent benefactor to a young martial arts fighter, Tiger Chen, who he lures into his world of underground fighting. The story is a bit cliched, but the music and the fight scenes are pretty amazing.  

In a non-Netflix offering, on Amazon Prime we have: 

This show has shot to the top of must-see programs currently on television for me. It is a sort of prequel to the various Hannibal Lecter movies (discounting HANNIBAL RISING) and it explores the early days of the personal and professional relationship of Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen)  and FBI Special Agent Will Graham (Hugh Dancy). Despite of the fact that Will does have some type of autism and it helps him recreate the crime scenes and this device has now become a cliche in crime dramas, rest assured that on a visual and story telling level HANNIBAL is better than any crime show. On a visual level, it is both gory and bloody, but strangely beautiful. There are some haunting images that will stick with you, but it never feels too gratuitous. I can gush about the show for a while, but you should do yourself a favor and watch it and look for the new season coming up on NBC, Friday February 28th. 

If you don't have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can get a free trail by going here.

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