Friday, February 28, 2014

Netflix Instant: TV and Movie Picks

If you're having trouble filling out your Oscar ballot for the party you're going to on Sunday, put in one of these films to clear your mind before you have to pick which Best Live Action Short..which we all know can absolutely ruin your ballot.

This is the latest documentary from the 30 for 30 series that, as you can tell from previous Instant posts, I'm a tad obsessed with. This one takes a look at ice skating's most infamous scandal, the feud between Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan. 

This film made waves when it won the Palm d'Or at Cannes this year. But then rumblings came out about how unnecessarily sexually graphic it was. If you shuffle through the people who can't handle those sorts of movies, all the reviews around the film state how raw and truthful this depiction these girls' relationship was. This was on my list last year to see, but never got around to it. Thankfully, I can watch it now.  

I haven't heard much of this film but it has two aspects I thoroughly enjoy: actor Jonathan Groff and the script is based on a David Sedaris short story. 

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