Friday, April 18, 2014

Netflix Instant TV and Movie Picks- Jonesy's Birthday Edition!

It's my birthday! Well, Wednesday was, so it's really my birthday weekend because birthdays should always last more than one day. DIFF is now over, and so we're back to our regularly scheduled Netflix programming. I have a combo of films for you that sort of represent what I love about movies: a great drama, a musical, and a documentary.


This is a fantastic little film about a young woman, Brie Larson, and her struggles to balance life and work as she runs a home for troubled kids. It's heartfelt and will make you want a hug by the end, but her performance is outstanding.

This is such a weird musical. It fits into the category of ROCKY HORROR as to how semi-crazy it is, but it ends up being a really fun experience. Plus, it's choreographed by Nigel Lithgow, who is the genius behind So You Think You Can Dance. 

I've heard about this film a couple months ago, and it sounds like the type of documentary I love. It starts off as a basic story of a cyberspace love triangle, but there are so many twists and turns that, by the end, it sounds like a script straight out of Hollywood. 

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