Monday, May 12, 2014

Netflix Instant, Crackle, Hulu Plus: Movie & TV Picks - MOTHEREFFINGGODZILLA EDITION, YALL

Given that next week is the release of what will probably be the best movie of 2014, GODZILLA, I reckon that it'd be cool for y'all to be able to watch some of the original movies before you see this remake. This will be a HUGE post, as I will be trying to get all of the movies from all over the interwebs by streaming services.


This is the inexplicably butchered Americanized version of GOJIRA starring Raymond Burr. It's pretty interesting as a rather impressive editing exercise. Review

This movie truly kicks off the Showa era featuring the Godzilla monster, a total different one from the first movie, that we would follow for the remainder of the series. It feature foe-turned-future-ally Anguirus fighting Godzilla. Much more destructive and violent than the first movie, it's a great early entry into the series. Review

This movie introduced a kaiju as iconic as a Godzilla himself, Mothra. Much more light in terms of tone. It's kind of quirky with Mothra's tiny twins and it's environmental message. Review

While one of my favorite writers, Evan Saathoff, loves the movie, I can't stand it. It's a terrible clip show stitching together some of the weakest movies in the franchise. Review

The movie that introduced my favorite kaiju, Ghidorah. It has Godzilla and the giant pteradon Rodan teaming up to defeat this powerful dragon. Review

A direct sequel to GODZILLA VS MECHAGODZILLA, it has Godzilla fighting a re-built and more powerful robot and it's one of the few movies where you really feel for Godzilla as a vulnerable and mortal character. Review


Hedorah is one of the most terrifying enemies that Godzilla has faced. Once again, bringing the original movie's environmental issues to the forefront, Hedorah is a toxic monster that shoots acid. The movie is also notable for being strangely trippy in the vein of the Beatles' Yellow Submarine with its musical and animated interludes.  Review

Part of what has been called the Island trilogy, it features Godzilla away from Japan fighting a giant crab monster. Not great, not terrible, it's a very OK entry in the series. Review

Gigan is a cybernetic chicken kaiju with a saw blade for a stomach. Needless to say he'd be a total badass if it wasn't for his cowardly nature. This particular movie has a fun four-way final battle. Review

In what might be one of the best of the early Ghidorah movies, this movie has the inhabitants of Planet X  taking Godzilla and Rodan to fight "Monster X." Review


This is one of the Millenium era movies, of which I'm not too fond of to be honest. This one involves an energy sucking prehistoric fly. It's very ok. Review

That's it for me, folks! I hope you enjoy the picks. Later on in the week, I'll be posting more stuff about Godzilla including a look back at my 2013 project. 

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