Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Local Haps: Oak Cliff Film Festival 2014

The Oak Cliff Film Festival is small little festival that is steadily growing each year. This will be the third year for the festival and will screen 22 feature films and six short blocks. This festival will be located in the Oak Cliff area at the Texas Theatre, Kessler Theatre, Bishop Arts District, and other various Oak Cliff venues.

Having gone to this festival in the past, it's always worth catching a few films. They usually have a few movies that have frequent other major festivals, like SXSW or Sundance, so you can catch them locally without waiting in lines all day. Plus, the Oak Cliff area is slowly reviving, and any traffic that brings people to the Texas Theatre is a plus.

This year's festival will honor both past and present filmmaking:
Led by the Aviation Cinemas team, who took over operations at the Texas Theatre in December of 2010, and backed by the 501 3(c) Oak Cliff Foundation, the Oak Cliff Film Festival will feature the very best of Oak Cliff’s theater venues, highlight the popular restaurants and bars of the area, and seek to showcase the best of independent and brave filmmaking of all stripes from Oak Cliff, Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth, and Austin, as well as the rest of the country and the world.
This year the Festival is celebrating the legacy of Eadweard Muybridge, the pioneering photographer. Muybridge’s photographic innovations in pursuit of the answer to questions about animal motion, including the zoopraxiscope, led to the development of the first motion pictures. OCFF hopes to highlight the craft, as well as the artistry, of film, honoring the tradition of work going back to Muybridge.
If the $175 VIP badge is beyond your budget, you can purchase tickets for most films for $10 at the Texas Theatre or the Oak Cliff Film Festival website.

And as always, keep checking back here because we will be covering as much as we can!

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