Friday, June 20, 2014

Netflix Instant: Movie & TV Picks

Hey guys, summer is about to be officially here, so how about watching some movies at home with the AC turned on full blast? Check out my picks for this week after the break.

This was a sorely missed movie from last year's Fantastic Fest, this is a sci-fi body horror movie dealing with man who was kidnapped and suddenly reemerges at the same time as some terrible murders start to happen.

Another FF2013 movie, this one focuses on Elijah Wood as a pianist who is performing for the first time after a mental breakdown that he suffered. During the performance, he is contacted by a sniper who is forcing him to keep on playing the piano and follow his command other he will kill him and his girlfriend.

One of the most surprising movies of last year, WORLD WAR Z was written off before it was even released due to its troubled production that included a completely new climax and ending. But thankfully it ended up being a really fun world-trotting zombie adventure with a truly tense sequence towards the second half of the movie.


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