Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Local Haps: June 17th - June 23rd

Welcome to another edition of The Local Haps! This week's once again full of some great film events, including the Oak Cliff Film Festival, an Edgar Wright series, and a cartoon block programmed by one of our very own! Check it out after the break.

Tuesday, June 17th
ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE:  Tonight, there's a Quote Along for one of the greatest movies of all time, SHAUN OF THE DEAD at 7:30pm.

TWILITE LOUNGE: Twilite Movie Night is screening RAISING ARIZONA at 9pm with happy hour specials continuing until 10pm.

Wednesday, June 18th
ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE: Continuing this great trend of Dynamic Duos with Edgar Wright's second movie, HOT FUZZ at 7:00pm.

TEXAS THEATRE: Today is the last day to see the amazing Alejandro Jodoroswky psychedelic autobiography, THE DANCE OF REALITY/LA DANZA DE LA REALIDAD at 9:15pm.

SUNDOWN AT THE GRANADA: This lovely little bar right outside The Granada Theatre will begin a summer series on their awesome rooftop every Wednesday. First up will be the cult classic, BLACK DYNAMITE. Also, there will be half-priced whiskey as a special! All screenings will begin at 8:30pm.

Thursday, June 19th
ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE: Concluding the Edgar Wright trilogy, my favorite movie of 2013, THE WORLD'S END at 7:10pm.

TEXAS THEATRE: The first night of the Oak Cliff Film Festival! You can go the the Festival's website for time and ticket information plus all of their rad parties and events that will be taking place during the next four day. Today's recommendation is the documentary TO BE TAKEI, about the life and times of George Takei, first as his portrayal of the iconic Hikaru Sulu to the source of many memes on Facebook. There is also a secret screening at 7:00pm of a Sailor Bear project this group includes Toby Brooks, James Johnston and David Lowery.

Friday, June 20th
BISHOP ARTS THEATER CENTER: Our pick for the second day of the OCFF, this one takes place in a different venue, at the Theater Arts Center, THE VANQUISHING OF THE WITCH BABA YABBA is a documentary that talks about Eastern Europe's fairy tales. It screens at 7:15.pm

ANGELIKA THEATRE: As part of their After Hours program, the Angelika is screening 4 great Steven Spielberg movies with INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE being this week's pick. The movie screens at 11:30pm and it will screen through this weekend.

Saturday, June 21st
ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE: Today will an especially packed day. First, at 10:30, we have the Transformers Cartoon Cereal Party programmed and hosted by yours truly. Then at noon there will be a 35mm print screening of ET: THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL as part of the Dynamic Duos theme of the month.

BISHOP ARTS THEATER ARTS CENTER: OCFF Night 3: The slacker dark comedy SUMMER OF BLOOD screens at 6:45pm. The movie is about a typical loser type who runs into a vampire and turns into sex god after getting dumped by his girlfriend when he declines a marriage proposal.

GRANADA THEATER: The Mockbusters starts today with an 8pm screening of the seminal 1990's disaster SPACE JAM. Admission is free and doors open at 7pm. The purpose of this screening is to make fun of the movie. They will have two screens showing people live tweeting during the movie. Usually, I'm a huge fan of the things that Granada does, but this seems like the breeding ground for malicious, ironic hipster types making fun of the movies, who will then go to other theaters. We have too many rude and talkative moviegoers and I really don't think they should be encouraged, but if you're the type to want to talk and tweet during a movie (Caleb, I'm looking at you) then this should be up your alley.

Sunday, June 22nd
ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE: BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID will screen at 12:30pm. This is one of the movies on my shame list and I need to get it off there!

TEXAS THEATRE: For the final night of OCFF, the pick of the day goes to director Michel Gondry's newest movie, MOOD INDIGO at 4:45pm. It stars Audrey Tatou, most famous for AMELIE.

Monday, June 23rd
ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE: Yet another amazing movie (through the filter of nostalgia) will be screening tonight. The DUMB AND DUMBER Quote Along starts at 7:00pm.

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