Monday, December 15, 2014

The Local Haps: December 15th - December 21st

Leading up to the holidays, we all get pretty busy between parties and get-togethers and trips to the hell that is a mall during this time. But if you do happen to find some time, why not check out some of these special screenings? Check them out after the break.

Monday, December 15th
Alamo Drafthouse: One of the best movies in director Tim Burton's filmography,  EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, screens at 8:00 pm

Angelika Dallas: EXPELLED FROM PARADISE is an original full-length anime directed by Seiji Mizushima from Full Metal Alchemist fame. It's got a cool premise, which you can check out below: With Earth left in ruins following the Nano Hazard, most of humanity has abandoned the planet they once called home and rebuilt their digitalized minds into a society within the cyber universe of DEVA. But when DEVA’s central council detects unauthorized access of their mainframe, System Security Third Officer Angela Balzac is dispatched to the Earth’s surface to make contact with a local agent and uncover the hackers.

Wednesday, December 17th
Sundown At Granada: Tonight marks the last installment of the Whiskey Wednesday movie nights with ELF. As always, the screening is free, and whiskey is half off but make sure to consult with Pete Delkus to see how cold it might be since it's an outdoor screening! Also, make sure to get there

Thursday, December 18th
Texas Theatre: EVENT OF THE WEEK! The movie that everyone thinks of when they think of Dallas movies, ROBOCOP will screen in a beautiful 35mm print at 7:30 pm. Given recent events, the satirical and allegorical aspects of the movie should be even more obvious.

Friday, December 19th
Texas Theatre: Stanley Kubrick's THE SHINING is one of the best psychological/supernatural horror movies that inspired so much iconography in pop culture. The Theatre will be screening this in 35mm starting tonight at 9:45 pm. IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE, the depressing Christmas classic will also begin its run tonight at 7 pm.

Saturday, December 20th
Alamo Drafthouse: Cartoon Cereal Party returns with its special Christmas edition at 10:30 pm. As always, these cartoons are hand picked by the local programmers and they are some of the best of the best of classic and contemporary cartoons plus, unlimited cereal!

Sunday, December 21st
Alamo Drafthouse: If you didn't catch  IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE at the Texas Theatre, you can see it today at 12:30 pm.

Angelika Dallas: And if somehow you missed the Texas Theatre and the Drafthouse's screenings, then you can catch IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE at 2 pm.

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