Friday, January 23, 2015

Netflix Instant: Movie & TV Picks - Expiring Soon!

This week's column will once again focus on movies that will be expiring soon. These are just some cool ones. Not really deep cuts but they're definitely worth checking out.

Yeah, I like this goofy movie. I find it's the perfect mix between the super stylized Burton Batman and a modern version of the 66 Batman. While I do detest the way that Two-Face was portrayed, I loved the neon pallate and the crazy tone of the movie.

Out of all of the MAD MAX movies, ROAD WARRIOR is the best one, but this is still worth checking out. In a post-apocalyptic world sometime in the future, an energy crisis has caused the Australian Outback to become a dangerous place thanks to motorcycle gangs. Mel Gibson stars as Max as a cop getting revenge for the murder of his family. 

I've put off seeing this movie for way too long after it came out. Telling the story of the investigation surrounding the Zodiac killings, it's beautiful done tale of obsession. It's a little long but I absolutely loved it. 

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