Friday, January 2, 2015

Netflix Instant: TV and Movie Picks- New Year's Edition

Have you recovered from your New Year's hangover yet? Have you had your traditional black eyed peas for good luck for the new year? Are you already sick of all the football going on this weekend? Well, welcome to the first Netflix column for 2015! I have a couple picks for you as always. One great television show has finally made its way to streaming, and I have a couple films, which are all perfect for a lazy weekend before back to the real world on Monday.

It's finally here! No longer do the people have to watch reruns on TBS after work. Now you can flip to any season and watch any episode of one of the greatest and most rewatchable sitcoms out there. Perfect lazy weekend show to watch.

The fancy cocktail is slowly making its way back to bars. If you're an adult, no longer are the days where you order a liquor and soda or tonic. Fancy and fresh cocktails are the way to go. This documentary follows some of the forefront bartenders and bars who are trying to revive this pastime. This doc also makes me want to try everything they make. Great drink porn.

Usually dark comedies don't necessarily have a great rematch factor, but that is not the case for ELECTION. In what could easily be Reese Witherspoon's greatest role, this film follows a very determined and assertive student as she runs for student body president. Matthew Broderick plays her teacher, who's life is slowly falling apart and decides to take his frustration out on her. It's quite wonderful in all of its darkness and snark. 

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