Monday, January 12, 2015

The Local Haps: January 12th - January 18th

It's a new year and the only resolutions worth keeping is to watch more movies in the new year. Thankfully, we have a lot of special screenings this week in addition to the new releases. Check them out after the break including my Pick of the Week.

Monday, January 12th
Alamo Drafthouse: Last week, we were plagued with a dozen or so earthquakes in the DFW area. Given that we're not really known for 'quakes around these parts, this phenomenon can only be explained by one movie: TREMORS! You can catch it at 7:30 pm and you really should because this is basically a PSA once the worm creatures start coming out the ground.

Tuesday, January 13th
Alamo Drafthouse:  PICK OF THE WEEK!: Tonight will be a great night for a trashy movie double feature. At 8:00 pm, we have the monthly Vinegar Syndrome screening with RAW FORCE. I know this is a favorite of friend of the blog, Reel Distraction. Then, at 10:30, there is the VHS-only screening of WINTERBEAST  at 10:30 pm.

Wednesday, January 14th
Alamo Drafthouse: Enjoy some garlic bread at the SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD Action Pack screening at 7:00 pm. If you miss that, then check out the 8:00 pm screening of REPO MEN, the punk rock 80's classic.
Sundown at Granada: Hashtag Whiskey Wednesdays are back starting this week.

Thursday, January 15th
Alamo Drafthouse:
Texas Theatre: Tonight is one of the last chances to catch A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT at 9:15 pm and FORCE MARJEURE at 7:00 pm.

Friday, January 16th
Texas Theatre:  Two new releases at the Theatre tonight. First up is LITTLE ACCIDENTS, a drama about the repercussions of a fatal mining accident at 6:45 pm. Then at 9:00 pm, there's PARIS IS BURNING, a 1990 documentary about the underground queer ballroom dancing scene in NYC.

Saturday, January 17th
Alamo Drafthouse: To celebrate the release of director Paul Thomas Anderson's INHERENT VICE, the Drafthouse will be screening some of his movies. This week it's one of our favorites movies of all time, THERE WILL BE BLOOD, which will screen at noon. As the inspiration for the name of the blog, Jonesy and I watch it on an annual basis. Still, a crisp Blu-ray is nothing compared to seeing this on the big screen so I highly recommend it.

Sunday, January 18th
Alamo Drafthouse:  This is a busy day. Beginning at 12:30, there's a screening of the classic Robert Altman noir, THE LONG GOODBYE. Then, the comedic geniuses at Master Pancake will be lampooning the Nicolas Cage classic, CON AIR with 2 shows. One at 5:00 pm and another one at 8:00 pm.

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