Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Local Haps: February 24th - March 1st

We're iced in this week in Dallas. There might also be some snow coming. Even though there's great movies showing, there's no need to drive in crappy weather so stay in if the roads are bad. Nevertheless, here's some rad movies.

Tuesday, February 24th
Alamo Drafthouse: Girlie Night presents very relevant rom-com, YOU'VE GOT MAIL at 8:35 pm.  But more importantly, Vinegar Syndrome's series will feature INTO THE WOODS! a very scandalous, previously banned movie. Movie starts 9:00 pm.

Wednesday, February 25th
Alamo Drafthouse: THE NEVER ENDING STORY is seriously one of the most terrifying movies of my childhood. Speaking to friends and colleagues throughout the years, I'm surprised that many others feel the same way. All of this to say that the movie screens at 7:00 pm.

Thursday, February 26th
Alamo Drafthouse: In what's become a bit of an Alamo DFW tradition, tonight there's an Action Pack screening of SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD at 7:00 pm. One of the most infamous movies of all-time, CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST screens tonight at 8:00 pm as the first part of the Mondo X Chiller series. Mondo will be coming out with a new vinyl version of the soundtrack. Real talk: I would usually go to this type of stuff, but the fact that there's actual animal killings in there makes this movie too much for me. Just keep that in mind whenever you go!

Texas Theatre: There's a special showcase of 35mm trailers and other random oddities called RANDO REELS #1 at 9:15 pm. It looks fun as hell and for $1, it's really worth it.

Friday, February 27th
Angelika Plano: PICK OF THE WEEK! Tonight marks first night of the inaugural South Asian Film Festival! It goes on from today until March 1st! I've seen enough South Asian movies in my time to say that it's really easy to find something unique and unexpected. Tickets and schedule is here.

Saturday, February 28th
Alamo Drafthouse: The monthly Cartoon Cereal returns with Absolute Adventures featuring Duck Tales, Rescue Rangers, Tale Spin and Darkwing Duck! The sugary feast begins at 10:00 am.

Sunday, March 1st
Alamo Drafthouse: Continuing the Avenge the Alamo series is IRON MAN, the movie you can all blame or thanks for the deluge of superhero movies we find ourselves in. It all starts 3:45 pm. And earlier, you can check out the classic paranoia-inducing sci-fi thriller INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS at 1:00 pm.

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