Friday, March 20, 2015

Netflix Instant: TV and Movie Picks

It's a pretty light week at the movies, and many people's Spring Break is coming to an end. If you need to detox this weekend and rest up before going back to school or work, here are some great films and a TV series for you to enjoy.

I feel bad for covering this series, especially since my cohort LOVES it so. But it is quite funny. It's a very funny and a little bizarre. It's about a group of spies, though they're not the best, as they try to assassinate Hitler. If you enjoy the old spy movies from the '60's or Australian humor or just bizarre comedies in general, then definitely give this series a chance.

Another ESPN documentary. Can you tell that I love them? This one follows the career of The Boz during his college career. He was a powerhouse on the football field and developed a personality that the press loved to hate. 

There was great buzz coming out of last year's Fantastic Fest of this film. It follows a family at a ski resort when an avalanche happens and the aftermath that follows. It explores various relationships and choices of the characters and how that effects their lives in the aftermath. 

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