Monday, March 16, 2015

The Local Haps: March 16th- March 22nd

Spring Break happened for some last week but is happening for others this week. Whether you're off this week or sad to be back in school this week, there are plenty of great movie events to get you through the dull of March. 

Monday, March 16th
Alamo Drafthouse: This starts Willis week at the Drafthouse. First at 6:45 is ARMAGEDDON, so grab a box of animal crackers and enjoy. Then, stick around for HUDSON HAWK at 10:05.

Tuesday, March 17th
Alamo Drafthouse: So much movie greatness to chose from tonight. First, for Willis week, THE LAST BOY SCOUT will show at 6:45. Next, in a great series at this theatre, Hopped Up Cinema presents BOONDOCK SAINTS at 8:00. Not only do you get a movie, but for $25, you get Martin House beers as part of your ticket price. Fantastic Deal. Then, at 9:00, there's Asian Movie Madness: WHITE HAIRED WITCH. And finally, if you still want to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, there will be a showing of LEPRECHAUN at 11:25...everybody say, YYYEEEEAHHHHHH.

Wednesday, March 18th
Alamo Drafthouse: First, at 7:00, ALIENS will show with a special movie conversation afterwards with the creative director of the Alamo DFW, James Wallace. Plus, the screening is FREE! Then, Willis week continues with a personal favorite, THE FIFTH ELEMENT at 8:00. Multipasses not required.

Sundown at Granada: More movies on the roof, and this week is SPACEBALLS. Starts at 8:30 and half priced whiskey to keep you warm.

Thursday, March 19th
Alamo Drafthouse: A great Willis double feature, DIE HARD and DIE HARD 2, will show at 6:30.

Texas Theatre: An awesome opportunity to watch FARGO in 35mm will happen at 7:30.

Friday, March 20th
Alamo Drafthouse: In what is considered one of the worst movies ever made, THE ROOM, will show at 7:30. Special guest, Greg Sestro, will be on hand for a conversation after the film. You really have to see this film to full understand the awfulness. It's fantastic with a crowd.

Saturday, March 21st
Alamo Drafthouse: A very underrated movie, MACGRUBER, will show at 8:30. If you've never seen this, now is the perfect time to enjoy this cheesy satire.

Texas Theatre: PICK OF THE WEEK: The classic film, RED SHOES, will show in 35mm at 8:00. As part of the this special event, there will be a pre-show starring the Dallas Neo-Classical Ballet as they perform four new works. A great event for dance lovers in DFW.

Sunday, March 22nd
Alamo Drafthouse: At 1:00, as part of their transformation month, MY FAIR LADY will show. Then, at 3:45, you can catch the next installment of Avenge the Alamo with THOR as you prepare for the next Avengers film in May.

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