Sunday, April 12, 2015


Directed by Paul Ashton
Written by Paul Ashton and Katie Page
Starring: Katie Page, Paul Ashton, Edi Gathegi, Anthony LaPaglia, Mimi Rogers, and David Pasquesi
Synopsis: Two young adults attempt to make a relationship work amidst their troubled lives. 

Nowadays, it's easy to write off another movie about twenty-somethings trying to navigate their way in the world. Usually these characters are pretentious and grating, making it difficult to sympathize with them. However, THIS ISN'T FUNNY takes a fresh comedic look at this age group through the ups and downs of a relationship between Elliot Anderson (Page) and Jamie Thompson (Ashton).

Elliot is a stand-up comedian trying to get her big break in writing for a TV series. She suffers from anxiety and is a tad OCD about certain things in her apartment. She's ashamed of her issues though. Whenever she gets a new prescription, she rips off the label as if to hide her ailment. She lies to her doctor about getting better because she's tired of having to take medicine to "level herself out". On top of that, she doesn't really have the respect or support of her father since she's trying to pursue comedy as a career. Jamie is a manager of a Jamba Juice-type store. He's a free spirit and has lived on and off in the USA for about five years. His parents are separating, and he also has a troubled relationship with his father. They're like two peas in a pod.

Elliot and Jamie have a chance meeting when he accidentally runs his bike into her parked car. After some heated sassy words, he eventually finds her at a local bar doing stand-up with their interaction being part of her set. Their chemistry sparks almost immediately, and they begin a relationship.  Even though they're pretty perfect for each other, they're both in a weird limbo stage in their lives, and that just adds to the pressures of a relationship.

The leads completely sell this film. Both Page and Ashton are funny, witty, and have great chemistry. They convey the twenty-something angst and stress while still being likable characters. The supporting cast is equally entertaining, though most just end up being one-note characters. But they're fun one-note characters. Also, there are interludes of various stand-ups from the cast, which are really hilarious.

THIS ISN'T FUNNY is a great entry to the genre of twenty-somethings finding their way in the world. Despite it's title, it's actually quite funny and charming. With strong leads and solid story, this film is a fun and enjoyable film. Also, stay for all the credits for extra stand-up from the cast.

THIS ISN'T FUNNY plays again today, April 12th, at 2:45 at the Angelika Dallas.

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