Monday, April 6, 2015

The Local Haps: Monday, April 6th - April 12th

This is a busy time for movie lovers in Dallas. We've got loads of film screenings and a film festival starting this week. Check out some of the best screenings including my pick of the week after the break. 

Monday, April 6th
Alamo Drafthouse: It's the first Monday of the month, so of course it's AGFA Secret Screening  night at 8:00 pm. If 35mm screenings of obscure genre films is not up your vibe, then you can check out the original TRUE GRIT starring one American badass, John Wayne, at 7:45 pm.

Tuesday, April 7th
Alamo Drafthouse: Continuing the Bondthology series, we have 1989's Timothy Dalton-starring, LICENCE TO KILL at 7:00 pm. Children are our future so why not support the new wave of filmmakers by checking out the  NORTH TEXAS UNIVERSITIES FILM FESTIVAL  at 8:00 pm.

Texas Theatre: TNT make its return with the 1989, technophobic CHOPPING MALL at 9:15 pm. As always, entry is free.

Wednesday, April 8th
Alamo Drafthouse:  It's time to once again celebrate Rex Manning Day at the Drafthouse with EMPIRE RECORDS at 7:15 pm. If you've somehow not seen this wonderful 90's comedy, this is a great time to check it out.

Texas Theatre: The beloved KUMIKO, THE TREASURE HUNTER  has a limited engagement at the Texas Theatre starting at  7:00 pm. The story is loosely based on an urban legend about a Japanese woman who travels to America looking for the treasure left behind at the end of the Coen Brothers' FARGO.

Thursday, April 9th
Alamo Drafthouse: If you're not first, you're last! So don't miss this TALLADEGA NIGHTS: THE BALLAD OF RICKY BOBBY screening at 7:45 pm.

Angelika Dallas: Today is the first full day of the Dallas International Film Festival! It runs from the 11th until the 19th with events and screenings happening all around town. Check out the schedule of events at Look for our coverage here and at Central Track.

Granada Theater: Tonight's a double feature of EMPIRE RECORDS (if you missed out on the Drafthouse screening) at 7:00 pm and then there's a screening of REALITY BITES at 9:00 pm.

Saturday, April 11th
Texas Theatre: PICK OF THE WEEK! Dick Miller has a special place in my heart. He was Mr. Futterman in both of the GREMLINS movies and I always loved his manic energy during both movies. Now that I'm watching more genre movies, it seems the man never stopped working. He's in everything! THAT GUY DICK MILLER  is a SXSW doc that takes a look at his vast body of work and pay tribute to the man who's been a genre staple for many decades working with everyone from Roger Corman, James Cameron and Joe Dante to name a few. You can catch the documentary at 8:30 pm.

Sunday, April 12th
Alamo Drafthouse: We're on the home stretch of the Avenge the Alamo series! As the second of the Phase 2 movies, THOR: THE DARK WORLD  is highly underrated. Come check it out on the big screen at 3:00 pm.

Granada Theater: The double screening tonight is WEIRD SCIENCE and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, which still feels weird as a double feature but wacky sci-fi fun is never a bad idea for a Sunday evening.

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