Sunday, June 14, 2015

Netflix Instant: Movie & TV Picks: Oak Cliff Film Festival Edition

The Oak Cliff Film Festival is going on strong right now at the historic Texas Theatre. It's a great film festival and my personal favorite from the many Dallas Fort Worth festivals. to commemorate the occasion, here's a few of their past movies that are currently streaming on Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus and Netflix.

This low-key rom com was one of my favorite movies the year it came out. It also takes place in a brewery dealing with two platonic best friends as they try to navigate relationships and their potential attraction to each other.

The Drafthouse Films hit envisions a surreal game of war as played by a group of friends one Saturday afternoon.

The Michael Powell thriller is one of the artsiest horror movies I've seen. Dealing with a man who is obsessed in trying to capture how a person looks moments before they die, it's a wonderful look inside a deranged mind.

Jonesy reviewed this movie before and she enjoyed it. It tells the living meme generator/STAR TREK actor George Takei as his fame has taken on a bit of a resurgence in the last few years. 

The original VHS-inspired anthology first came to Dallas via the OCFF. It's definitely the best of the series with a good wrap around story and 2/3 great segments. 

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