Friday, July 24, 2015

Netflix Instant: Movie & TV Picks

Seriously, screw this hot weather. Stay inside and binge on your couch instead! 

I'll be honest, I did not give this show a chance when it first debuted last year. But one lazy lazy Saturday I started watching it and didn't stop until I was done with it. It deals with the titular character who is a washed up sitcom star from the 90's and now is a complete screw up. There's a weird and wide cast of people and animals that surround him. In this second season it's all about Bojack trying to get his life together after landing a huge movie role but of course it's not that easy and weird hijinks ensue.

Mark Duplass is better known as one of those "mumblecore" guys that slowly has crept (so sorry) into the mainstream with romantic comedies and an HBO series. In this found footage movie, he plays a man who is terminally ill and wants to have his life documented so he can show his son what he was like. And of course, things take a turn for the worse. Needless to say this is a surprisingly scary movie that makes good use of the genre.

Ever since SCOTT PILGRIM, I've had a huge crush on Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Of course she is also one of the most talented actresses working today so that also helps. FAULTS is the directorial debut of Riley Sterns who is Winstead's husband. It might be something about that relationship that makes for a gripping performance by her as a former cult member trying to be deprogrammed by a man hired by her parents. It's a small movie for sure but the story and the performances are not to be missed.


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