Saturday, August 29, 2015

Netflix Instant: TV and Movie Picks- Back to School Edition!

Most students went back to school this week, and as a teacher, I'm definitely spending this weekend recovering from week one with my students. As a celebration of school starting again, I have three picks for you that are all school related!


As a teacher, I see the stress school, extra-curricular activities, and parents put on their kids. Too many kids nowadays have so much pressure put on them, they end up with anxiety even as young as elementary school. This documentary explores this problem with our education system and parents who just want the best for their kids.

This is one of my favorites and probably Reese Witherspoon's best role. We all knew a classmate like her character, Tracy Flick...ambitious, driven, and annoying.  It's the perfect dark comedy to watch when you don't want to do your chores around the house.

If you follow college sports, games and seeing athletes become stars can be an exciting thing to watch. But the NCAA has been under fire for working these athletes as basically employees of their school without compensation. Normally, that would enlist an eye-roll from people. How hard is it to be a star athlete and have your college paid for? But this documentary sheds some light on other aspects of being an athlete which we never really think about. 

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