Thursday, September 10, 2015

Netflix Instant: Movie & TV Picks

The weather is finally cooling down ever so slightly but still it's still humid as hell here in Dallas. Let's watch some movies in a nice and cool living room. This week's picks are all pretty weird genre fare.

Look, this one might not have the best reviews, but this is a Joe Dante movie so it's a must-see in my book. The story deals with a guy whose girlfriend dies in a freak accident and when he finally moves on, his ex comes back from the dead to mess stuff up. 

One of the first movies that made me think about cinema in a deeper level, this crime thriller by Christopher Nolan features stellar performances by Al Pacino and Robin Williams. The movie takes the grizzled detective played by Pacino who after being accused of tampering with evidence takes a case up in Alaska where there's no sunlight for a 3 months out of the year. 

This is one that I have not seen nor will I ever but I hear that it's insanely good. My reason for skipping it? There's dog-related violence and I just cannot handle any kind of animal violence in movie. The movie is about stray dogs who after being abused amass an army and go after their human tormentors. 

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