Friday, October 15, 2010

Jackass 3D- He said

Jackass 3D is probably the most difficult thing I’ve had to write.  This movie connects with a certain audience, and it probably won’t gain any new fans since it’s basically the same concept as the show and the movies.  The big deal here is that this is probably one of the few movies that were shot for 3D without post-conversion and more importantly without a ton of CG.  I will say that Jackass 3D is either a movie full of pranks full of fecal matter or the greatest commentary on Peter Pan syndrome ever.

I’ve only saw the first movie in theaters.  I have nothing against these sorts of movies either; I just never really cared for them is all, but whenever it was announced that this next one would be in 3D, I got excited for the possibilities.  This was ironically the most underused aspect of the film.  For those of you thinking you’re going to get shot in the face with paintballs coming at you, you will be severely disappointed.  Yes, there is 3D in this movie, but it’s closer to the subtle depth effect created for movies such as Toy Story 3 or Up.  There are some stunts which I don’t necessarily want to “spoil” for you guys that make great use of the effect, and you can tell that they took great time and care coupled with great technical skills to make these shots happen.  However, the rest of the time I was left thinking how ripped off I would’ve felt paying the extra money for the effect. 

What will sell this movie to people are the humor and the stunts.  What you do see is how sad half of these guys, especially Steve-O and Bam, look like they really don’t want to be there which makes their respective stunts even more hilarious or just plain tragic.  You couple that with the end sequence where they show baby pictures of the crew, and it’s almost a little tragic that their lives have all led up to this. The first half of the movie is a complete riot. I’m not sure if I’ve gotten prude in my old age (25) but after a particular skit, I was so grossed out it killed a lot of the enjoyment out of the second half of the movie for me.  With that said those of you that are mentally prepared or are fans of the show know what’s up and will have a great time.  I will say that the opening and closing sequence/credits were some of the highlights of humor and use of 3D. 

I can’t recommend Jackass 3D for people that are even remotely on the fence about it or are not fans of the show.  I’d recommend seeing it in a matinee or a 2D screening if possible.  Otherwise fans of the show know what they’re getting themselves into and will probably have a great time.  Oh and please be a decent human being and don’t bring CHILDREN to this.  They have no business seeing this many penises. 

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