Friday, October 15, 2010

Jackass 3D- She said

I’ve never seen any of the Jackass movies or the TV show. Obviously I haven’t lived under rock for the past ten years, so I know what the concept is. So, when I went into Jackass 3D, I was pretty prepared for what I was getting myself into. Jackass 3D will become this year’s guilty pleasure because you really shouldn’t like it. It’s a 100 minutes of a group of friends putting each other through pain and gut-wrenching antics for the pure enjoyment of seeing each other get hurt.

What I was looking forward to the most was the 3D effects because I heard the movie was actually shot for 3D instead of up converted later. During some of the stunts, the 3D was used very well to show depth within the picture, but I feel that the movie could’ve used even more 3D-ness. The best uses of 3D were the opening and closing sequences with all the cast getting walloped in slow motion. I felt like I was in the room with them and was afraid debris might hit me in the face at any moment.

Knowing how long this franchise has gone on, I honestly don’t know how in the world these guys are still in one piece. Some of the antics and stunts that they come up are pretty fun and creative (of course, I’m not insane or insured enough to even attempt any of these), but I will have to say even with a pretty strong stomach, there are few antics that almost made my dinner come up.

Surprisingly the movie actually comes away with a lot of heart. Their credit sequence in great because of the nostalgia factor it plays to. You get to see all the main cast and crew who have been with the franchise over the years with their baby pictures. Plus, they show some home videos of their earlier days when Steve-O was getting his start by jumping off his roof onto his trampoline in the backyard with a painful ending. It’s actually kind of sweet. These band of misfits found understanding, respect, and love (though tainted and odd as it may be) with each other. Do I understand it completely? No, but that’s not the point. They understand each other, and in the end, that’s all that matters.

This movie is fun with a huge group of friends opening weekend or playing in the background at a party. Having never seen the first two, this movie didn’t make me want to go see them, but I still had fun. Some may not have the stomach for some of more gross stunts, so just be prepared. But I have a feeling if you are excited and a fan of Jackass, you will not be disappointed.

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