Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In Our Darkest Night...the Green Lantern trailer comes to bum me out

So if anyone knows my nerdy super hero interests knows I only really like two guys: Batman and Green Lantern. So when it was announced that we were gonna get a GL movie after the success of The Dark Knight, I was pretty excited. Same goes when they announced Ryan Reynolds, who has been a rather underrated actor in my opinion, even if he did start in the atrocious The Proposal.

So imagine my dismay when I saw the trailer for the movie which was released today over at the Quicktime movie trailer site. Now I could stand the suit that no one liked, but this trailer just gives me too many bad vibes. I'm not sure if it's actually seeing the suit in action or the CG or even the weird way they're having Reynolds portray Hal Jordan, but I can't get behind it. I'm getting the feeling that this movie will be DC Comic's version of The Fantastic Four or Daredevil movie, or any of their B-level superheroes. I will say that the character and alien designs are right out of the pages of the comic which I can dig. But here's the trailer! Leave some comments, you guys!

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