Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cowboys vs. Aliens trailer!

We all got a real treat today. After being teased on Jon Favreau's twitter yesterday, he posted the teaser trailer to Cowboys vs. Aliens earlier today.  Footage was shown at Comic Con this year to much excitement and anticipation.   The concept seems kind of elementary...I mean it's cowboys and aliens, and the title of the movie itself is a spoiler alert, but why not?!  Why can't aliens attack in the old west?  Now westerns have never really been my cup of tea, but adding aliens definitily intrigues me.  Then when I heard that Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford were starring?? Count me in! 

This trailer made me even more excited for the movie.  The action looks fun, and it makes me wonder how the cowboys will defeat the aliens.  Seriously!  Some times new genres come along that shouldn't work together but somehow they do, like Horror-Comedy.  Maybe Jon Favreau will create a new genre with the hopeful success of this movie...Syfy-Western.

Check it out!

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