Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Directed by Brothers Strause

Written by Joshua Cordes and Liam O'Donnell

Starring: Eric Balfour, Scottie Thompson, and Donald Faison

Synopsis: Friends try to survive an alien attack on Los Angeles.

Jonesy: There wasn’t a story. The aliens kind of attack, and that’s it.  The end. 

Javier: It wasn’t so much of a story as it was a really cliché sci-fi movie from Sy-fy, but it’s not meant to be.  It hits all of the tropes of survivor/alien invasion movies.  A cheap film school version of Independence Day, but SPOILER ALERT they mimic the scene from Independence Day where they nuke the alien ships, and the good guys get really excited that they hit them only to find out that the nukes did absolutely nothing.  Instead of force fields in ID4, the aliens regenerate themselves with brainpower.

Jonesy: I thought the brain power idea was cool.  It showed the advancement of the alien race.  However, here’s my problem with the alien race.  They come to Earth because they need our brains to function, but where did they get that idea to use our brains in the first place? When on Earth’s history did the aliens previously show up to collect all of these brains, or if they didn’t show up, then how did they get the idea to come to Earth knowing that our brains would work for them? I liked the fact you could get sucked in with their light. I think that was the best concept regarding the aliens.

Javi- Everything that I have ever seen in a sci-fi movie, I saw it in this movie but it wasn’t done properly.  And the ending was very grim. They get abducted, and Jared becomes an alien (like in District 9), and we know that the aliens keep going to all of the cities throughout the world, and we can’t stop them. 

Jonesy- I like the fact they went into the alien ship because it would have been annoying that they never actually explain what is going on in their operations.  You really understand why they are here. 

Javi-In a few years it will be a great Midnight Madness movie, but at the same time it won’t get to that level because it isn’t intentionally bad, and it’s not even awesomely bad.  It’s middle of the road shitty.

Jonesy- I don’t even remember the characters’ names. Whenever any of them died, I honestly didn’t care.  I thought, man you people are all very shitty anyway; I don’t care if you die.  All of the characters are static and one-dimensional. The main couple was just as crappy and had no chemistry. If this were a complete satire of Sci-fi movies, then it would’ve been ok to have such extreme, crappy characters. 

Javi-There was little shred of characters.  It was frustrating because they would say all of these cliché lines.  This is the type of stuff that is almost so bad that it’s borderline satire. 

Jonesy- In the end, don’t waste your money; the movie is worthless and pointless.  Maybe one day you could put it in the background when it comes on TV because you won’t miss much.  The visuals are fun and impressive.  I liked the money shot of the people getting taken away by the alien ships.

Javi- I wouldn’t even recommend putting it in the background.  This movie has no value.  Even someone that is mildly curious I would tell them to not bother.  Why don’t you go see Independence Day or District 9? That’s better sci-fi than this piece of shit.

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