Sunday, November 21, 2010

Source Code Trailer is here!

2009 truly felt like the year that Science Fiction went back to its roots filled with social commentary with releases such as DISTRICT 9 and MOON.  Obviously most of you know of DISTRICT 9, but MOON was not seen by many people as it could have been.  It was an amazingly original film by first time director Duncan Jones with a microscopic budget that visually blew many films out of the water.  Now, we have the first trailer for Mr. Jones' sophomore outing, SOURCE CODE.  I will say that this seems like a more mainstream movie than MOON ever was, but then again, this is just the trailer.  The cast includes Jake Gyllenhall, Vera Farmiga, and Michelle Monaghan, which is great because I've been dying to see Gyllenhall is a decent movie for a while as well as seeing Vera Farmiga in something else since UP IN THE AIR.  Check out the trailer below!

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