Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Column! The AFI Top 100 Countdown!

As relative newcomers in this brave new world of movie blogging, Jonesy and I(Javi) decided that a great way to expand our film knowledge and not ALWAYS sound just like overtly opinionated people with a blog, was to educate ourselves through watching a ridiculous amount of movies. Lo and behold, the American Film Institute's Top 100 movies- 10th Anniversary Edition.

We will be making our way through this list and reporting back with our thoughts every Tuesday. By no means, do we agree 100% with this list, seeing as something as subjective as movies cannot feasibly be arbitrarily ranked. But it does force us to watch and appreciate movies that we might not have seen and in a more critical context. We not only hope to gain knowledge going through this list, but also maybe encourage some of our audience to check out some of these films as well.

As a point of reference the movies were selected thanks to very specific criteria among the members of AFI. Films were judged according to the following criteria:
  • Feature Length: Narrative format, at least 40 minutes long.
  • American Film: English language with significant creative and/or financial production elements from the United States.
  • Critical Recognition: Formal commendation in print
  • Major Award Winner: Recognition from competitive events including awards from organiations in the film community and major film festivals.
  • Popularity Over Time: Including figures for box office adjusted for inflation, television broadcasts and syndication, and home video sales and rentals.
  • Historical Significance: A film’s mark on the history of the moving image through technical innovation, visionary narrative devices or other groundbreaking achievements.
  • Cultural Impact: A film’s mark on American society in matters of style and substance.

Next week, we will have BEN-HUR, followed by TOY STORY!

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