Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sweet Intimidating Mustaches! Daniel Day Lewis in Zack Snyder's Superman?

There are actors and then there's Daniel Day-Lewis. The man has had an amazing career full of critically acclaimed works, and a great ability to grow an awesome mustache and recited the line that inspired the name of this blog. The big complaint about him is how picky he can be with his roles. I believe my diminutive partner has claimed he could be blamed of picking only Oscar Bait role, which I couldn't defend because on the surface it seems pretty true.

But, according to Badass Digest and Moviehole, he is being considered for a role in the upcoming Superman movie by director Zack Snyder. I'd rather not speculate, because frankly, I'm not that saavy, but I really like BAD's prediction of Day-Lewis playing Superman's dad Jor-El. I would say Jonathan "Pa" Kent, if Kevin Costner wasn't rumored to be playing him already. At this point it's anyone's guess. I will say that as a great fan of the man, I hope Day-Lewis starts taking more high profile and less "artsy" roles all the time. I'd love to see him in a straight up comedy (I know, I know wishful thinking.) Who else do you guys think he could play apart from Jor-El or Jonathan "Pa" Kent?

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