Sunday, May 22, 2011

Netflix Instant: Cool TV & Movie Picks- Long Edition

Hey guys, Javi here, so as you might/might not have noticed, my contribution to the blog and the column have been sparse. I recently got a more structured 8-5 job and training has been pretty intense. Two weeks ago I forgot to do the column completely, and then this week, the power cord on my ancient PowerBook made sparking noises and hasn't been able to function since. But enough excuses, I'm gonna give you twice the Netflix goodness this week to make up for my absence.

Whiny Anakin, rappers, and Paul Walker stealing stuff? How can you go wrong!  The set up is the usual "expert crew doing one last job and tons of stuff goes wrong"  It's sort of mindless, but nevertheless a litttle fun.

This is a hard movie to watch but nevertheless powerful.  The documentary follows Mark Hogancamp, who after being brutally beaten at a bar, was left a completely physically and broken man.  Now using elaborate action figure dioramas to replicate real life, this movie chronicles his struggle at trying to reconnect with the real world.  Once again it's a tragic movie, but I can't say I felt really good afterwards.  As a toy collector, I was constantly impressed by the dioramas.

Not for those with commitment issues. This follows the life of international terrorist Carlos The Jackal from 1973-1994.  I haven't finished it, but I'm in hour three, and it is amazingly well acted.  There's some pacing issues here and there but nothing that kills the movie completely.

Why this short isn't talked about more often in modern cinemaphile circles amazes me.  When it comes to creative projects, whether they were musical or otherwise in nature, I always appreciated being limited and having to make do with what you have.  Buster Keaton did so much more with lighting, different sets, and camera angles than most modern directors can do with a whole arsenal of computers making aliens. It's the story of a movie projector who is trying to win the heart of a classy lady and gets framed for the robbery of her father's watch by his rival.  At one point, he dreams crazy adventures as a detective clearing his name, with very elaborate sets and great comedic timing.  A must see along with MODERN TIMES for anyone that loves the craft of film making. 

An interesting documentary chronicling of Walt Disney and a group of animators that went down to South America.  It was during this trip that the research occurred that would yield such classics such as LOS TRES CABALLEROS, THE JUNGLE BOOK and other such classics.  Fascinating stuff, a must watch for any Disney buff.

The only Brett Ratner movie that doesn't make me want to get sick. That's recommendation enough.
This is an interesting documentary to watch about the falling of the independent record store community.  I say that it's interesting because in the years that this was made, Record Store Day has become a huge pain in the ass to attend, vinyl sales have been up while CD sales have been down, and Arcade Fire won a Grammy.  Still, hearing all of the points being talked about here is definitely a good time especially if you're a music fan.  The argument that a new media will always kill off the older media is one as old as the papyrus.  In this case, I'm glad that there are still record stores out there. 

Ok guys, this is it for this week.  Hope this rather spastic and eclectic mix gets your queue going, and maybe helps you find something else you'll love!

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