Sunday, August 14, 2011

Finally, Yo! AMC reaches a deal for season 5 of Breaking Bad

As Javi reported earlier this week, AMC was having difficulty reaching a deal with Sony for the fifth and final season of their award winning hit, Breaking Bad.  There were rumors from cutting the show down to six episodes to the show leaving AMC completely to go to another network.

Thankfully, however, a deal has been reached!

Sony has reached a deal and has ordered 16 episodes, a full 3 episodes more than normal, to air on AMC for the show's final season.  The episodes will be filmed together, but negotiations about scheduling are still up in the air with the possibility of splitting the into two separate seasons.  In true dramatic Hollywood style, the agreement came just in the nick of time:
The deal comes just as the series was facing two deadlines -- its license deal with AMC was set to expire tomorrow and the options on the actors are up on Aug. 31. (via Deadline) 

Nothing like leaving things to the last minute right?  The important thing is one of the best shows on television will be back next year for a full season.  Even if it is split into two parts, we get a full three extra episodes.

Also, if you haven't been watching...what are you waiting for??

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