Sunday, August 14, 2011

Local film news: ANNOTATED trailer hits

It's always a pleasure to see hard work pay off.  Local horror guru/writer, Joe Lopez of Terrorscribe Mafia Films and, has finished his first horror short.

Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, ANNOTATED is about "a rare book dealer who receives a strange book with a small note that reads only, 'The world must know.'  As he attempts to decipher the contents, he finds himself faced with deeper and darker levels of occult knowledge that chips at his sanity."

Check out the trailer below.

“Annotated”, a short film of Lovecraftian horror adapted from an original story, is the first film by a dedicated collection of first-time film makers. Calling themselves “the TerrorScribe Mafia,” the group is made up of writer/director Joe Lopez, cinematographer Keith Bates, makeup effects artist Tammy Dupal and producer Stacia Langenheder.

ANNOTATED will be part of the Unnamable Blood Bath Film Festival that will be held at the Texas Theater on August 20th.

**Side note: We here at Wdyms are friends with Joe, and this is more about supporting local filmmakers than any nepotistic views.

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