Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This Beats Any AVENGERS News: PRIMER Director Shane Caruth Is Directing Another Movie

Javi here. Sorry Marvel nerds, but I'm more excited for the AVENGERS movie because it exists rather than the movie itself. So what's getting me REALLY excited? The fact that Shane Caruth, director of one of my favorite movies, PRIMER, is going to begin working on a new movie soon. For those not in the know, PRIMER is probably one of the best time-travel movies ever created.

The sheer complexity of it and the real-world logic behind the mechanisms of the movie have not been replicated since. But what I appreciate, as a local area Dallas resident, is knowing the micro-budget film was done here in Carollton, TX. The tale behind making the movie out of Caruth's own house, on a tiny budget of $7,000 is something I find so inspiring. Seems he has been done doing consulting work for WDYMS's favorite Rian Johnson's (BRICK, THE BROTHERS BLOOM) new movie LOOPER and is wanting to get the ball rolling on his own movie.

According to CHUD, Caruth will be starting his new project this winter, which will be titled UPSTREAM COLOR. There's not much else known about the movie except some character descriptions for the lead character, who will be a female, and other minor characters. I honestly have not kept up much with his former project A TOPIARY since it seems to have stalled out a while ago, but between CHUD and other comments I've seen on the internet, it seems that both of the projects will still be shooting with UPSTREAM COLOR being the first one.

Check out the link above to watch PRIMER on Netflix Instant. It'll be well worth your time. And then when you're done, check out this awesome image explaining the timeline of the movie.

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