Thursday, January 26, 2012

AMC Presents Their Annual Best Picture Showcase

With the Oscar nominations out, if you're like me, then there was always one or two of the nominees that you missed in the theatre. For the past few years, AMC Theatres showcase all the films nominated for Best Picture in a marathon. For the past two years, the showcase has been split over two Saturdays because of the number of films nominated. However, they always have a few theatres that show all, whether it's the nine films this year or the ten last year, in one day.

Today their schedule for the showcase went live, and here's the breakdown:

Saturday, February 18:

11:00AM: War Horse
1:40PM: Moneyball
4:10PM: The Tree of Life
7:30PM: The Descendants

Saturday, February 25:

11:00AM: Hugo 3D
1:20PM: The Help
4:00PM: Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
7:15PM: The Artist
9:05PM: Midnight in Paris

And for the hard core people, here is the schedule for the all day marathon:

Saturday, February 25:

11:00AM: Hugo 3D
1:20PM: The Tree of Life
3:55PM: The Help
7:20PM: The Artist
9:20PM: The Descendants
11:30PM: Midnight in Paris
1:20AM: War Horse
4:00AM: Moneyball
6:20AM: Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

I for one plan on attending this event again. I've gone the past two years, and it's always such a fun time. It's nice to be able to see all the nominees on the big screen before the awards are handed out. The AMC theatre near me always has trivia and prizes during the breaks, and last year there was a contest to see who could each the most large popcorns. I believe the record was six.

Check out AMC's website for all the details.

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