Tuesday, January 10, 2012

REWIND THIS! documentary trailer and news

There's a whole sub-culture of movie goers that we here at WDYMS have been fortunate enough to stumble upon since we dived into the world of movies. It's the world of VHS. We have met so many people who not only love watching old VHS movies, most of which I haven't heard of, but they go on the hunt for old and rare VHS movies. I was actually quite surprised of the eclectic types of videos there were out there. It's such fun to see this different side of the movie culture. 

REWIND THIS! is a documentary still in production from IPF Productions in Austin. The documentary sets to explore history of VHS and how it shaped modern media. In the age of Blu-Rays and the blossoming 3D home theaters, it's strange to think those bulky plastic videos got us here. REWIND is almost finished with production and has set up a Kickstarter site to help with the rest. There are different levels to donate, and some levels come with some pretty cool one-of-a-kind swag (including a charm, poster and a VHS bed).  

Check the trailer for the documentary:

It's refreshing to see (semi) local filmmakers take on a labor of love. In this day and age where this next generation won't even know what a VHS is while that's all I knew growing up, it'll be fascinating to see the chronicle of how exactly VHS's impact on media today. 

The team of filmmakers are looking to reach their goal within the next 30 days.Check out their site for all the details on the film. 

And we will be sure to keep you up to date on this heartfelt project.

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