Wednesday, March 14, 2012

[REC]3: GENESIS Trailer

Javi here. Today, we have a pretty interesting looking trailer for the third movie in the Spanish "zombie" franchise, [REC], which just had its premier at the movie portion of 2012 South By Southwest. As a big fan of this franchise, I am very interested in seeing where the story can go. This will be a prequel to the first two movies, showing the first instance of the zombie outbreak during a wedding. Check out the trailer after the jump courtesy of Empire via First Showing.

So just like with most found footage horror movies, there seems to be a bit of a suspension of disbelief as to the cameraman's devotion to capturing all of the insane stuff going on around them. All of that being said, I quite enjoyed the trailer and I hope that GENESIS lives up to the precedent set by [REC] 2.

[REC] 3: GENESIS is directed by Paco Plaza and stars Letitica Dolera and Javier Botet. It currently has not U.S. distribution, but we will keep you updated when more news of this comes out.  

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