Thursday, June 21, 2012

TAKEN 2 International Trailer Drops and Reminds Us Why We Don't Leave Our Country

I remember when hearing about the premise of the first TAKEN and thinking it seemed silly. One man taking out an entire sect of a sex slavery operation to rescue his daughter in a foreign country? Oh, and it's pretty violent and  PG-13? Yeah, okay, that'll totally not work. I was so wrong. TAKEN ended up being on the biggest surprises for me that year. Not only was it a fun thriller, it solidified Liam Neeson's action hero badass-ness.

And with most profitable films, we obviously have to have a sequel. Now you would think Neeson and his daughter would learn a lesson and not travel outside the country anymore, but apparently not, especially when the rest of the foreign Turkish mob is now after you. But this time the mom is along with the journey!

Check the trailer after the break.

I thought the mom was married, so what happened there? I'm skeptical because the trailer seems a tad cheesy and far fetched. But then again, I felt the same about the first film.

TAKEN 2 will be released October 5, 2012 starring Liam Neeson, Famke Janssen, and Maggie Grace. 

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