Monday, July 16, 2012


Another awesome Mondo print only available at Comic-Con

Did you know that Comic-Con isn't all about movies? Hard to believe since most of the news that comes out feels like it's just about film, but there's always a plethora of TV news and previews that get released as well.

One of the most difficult panels to get into was the FIREFLY 10th Anniversary Reunion. A short lived series by Joss Whedon that only lasted one season and one movie, FIREFLY has a very, very devoted following that is always garnishing new fans. Every year there is a small hope the series will come back or a new movie will happen, but every year the brown coats are disappointed. Now, thanks to Things from Another World, you can check out the entire panel:

Even though it had a slow and uneasy start to its second season, THE WALKING DEAD ended season two with a couple of gut punches and promises to an even crazier third season. Tidbits that came from the panel: there are more survivors than our gang, The Governor looks super sleazy and creepy and we get to see the town of Woodbury, a new badass character, Michonne, kicks a fair amount of zombie tail, and Merle Dixon is back. The third season of THE WALKING DEAD will premiere on AMC on October 14, 2012. Check out the trailer below.

 To fill the hole in our hearts left by LOST, we fell into the cult of fans of FRINGE. There was an iffy time during last season where Fox didn't know whether it would renew the series for a fifth season. It got moved to the dreaded Friday evening time slot, which is almost a certain death sentence, but somehow the show prevailed, and we're getting a fifth and final season. No more uncertainty, and the writers can finish out the story the way they want. Executive producer J.H.Wyman stated he actually told the actors how FRINGE would end, so they could bring in their own ideas to their characters and that they had enough "advanced warning." John Noble said that the power of love (awww) is what holds FRINGE together, and that factor will "bring us a brilliant final chapter." The fifth and final season of FRINGE will premiere September 28 on Fox. Check the trailer for the upcoming season below..though if you want to be fresh for the premiere, then stay away!


And finally, GAME OF THRONES announced season 3 will premiere March 31, 2013 on HBO and a plethora of new cast members for season 3:

Guess I need to start reading book 3 and subscribing to HBO!  

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