Friday, July 6, 2012

Netflix Instant- Cool TV & Movies - "What's the meaning of life?" Edition

Javi here. I've been feeling all contemplative and stuff lately. So the movies I'm highlighting today are probably not the most lighthearted, but I think that they're worth watching because they're contemplative and stuff about life. Check them out after the jump.

The one Kristen Stewart movie that doesn't completely suck. This is still a great follow up to Greg Mottola's previous effort, SUPERBAD and it showed tiny hints of the great performance Jesse Eisenberg would put on during THE SOCIAL NETWORK.

As a dude that collects toys and posters and what not, I have a ton of stuff. But I'm not sure if it was the most recent sad break up thingy, but it really made me question how good it is to just keep on collecting endlessly. I know that in this movie, Will Ferrell's character is going through a divorce and he's getting rid of his possession for a different reason, but it still hit a certain spot for me. In addition, this is the STRANGER THAN FICTION Will Ferrell. Can't get enough of that guy.

So this one was a bit of a hit last year at least among the movie critic types. It deals with a weekend between two men who initially start out with the intent of a one-night stand. I'll be watching it this weekend. But I like the idea of the romance coming from an unlikely place like a one-night stand. 

So there's my picks for this week. I bet next week Jonesy's going to have some good stuff as well!

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